City Council votes to advance $174.5 million road bond package

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LUBBOCK, Texas – City Council today voted unanimously to pass the proposed $174.5 million bond package on first reading.

The vote is the first step towards adding a bond election to the ballot for the November 2 general election. If the City Council provides final approval later this month, Lubbock voters will decide whether to grant the city money for improvements to local infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, and storm drainage facilities.

“This is about public safety, this is about mobility… we need to do this this year,” District 3 councilmember Jeff Griffith said.

Per the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, the 13 streets with proposed improvements include:

Rebuild Projects:

  • 34th Street from Avenue Q to I-27
  • 34th Street from I-27 to Avenue A
  • 34th Street from Quaker to Slide

Widening Projects:

  • Erskine Street from four lanes to five between Avenue S and I-27
  • 82nd Street from two lanes to three between I-27 and MLK Boulevard
  • 114th Street from three lanes to five between Indiana Avenue and city limits, east of University Avenue
  • 114th Street from two lanes to five between Frankford Avenue and Slide Road
  • Milwaukee Avenue from two lanes to five between CR 6430 and 4th Street
  • MLK Boulevard from two lanes to three between Loop 289 and 82nd Street
  • University Avenue from three lanes to seven between 98th Street and 114th Street
  • 98th Street from two lanes to three between Upland Avenue and Alcove Avenue
  • Upland Avenue from two lanes to five between 4th Street and 19th Street

Roughly $42 million of the total bond is planned to go to improving Broadway Street. The historic red bricks may not have stood the test of time, and the city is planning to either replace the bricks or pave over them with a concrete designed to mimic the iconic look.

“Livability is what were shooting for, to get more people to live downtown and make that their home,” District 5 councilmember Randy Christian said.

The $174.5 million price tag will come through a two-cent tax hike on Lubbock residents. For a resident owning a median home in the city, that equates to approximately $45 dollars over the next five year period, or about $9 per year.

“There’s this misconception of taxes going up again,” District 1 councilmember Juan A. Chadis said. “And when we put some cents and dollars to it, it paints a good picture for the public.”

City Council will still have to provide final approval to the approval, but if finally approved, the bond election will be on November 2. Early voting begins on October 14, and the last day to register to vote is October 4.

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