LUBBOCK, Texas — In the regular meeting of the Lubbock City Council on Tuesday, officials will discuss a variety of items, one of which is specific to first responders.

Paid Quarantine Leave for First Responders

An agenda item said Lubbock officials would consider a resolution to adopt “Paid Quarantine Leave” for firefighters, peace officers and emergency medical technicians.

By the Texas Local Government Code, Section 180.008(c), a firefighter, peace officer or emergency medical technician who is exposed to an illness and must quarantine or isolate is entitled to Paid Quarantine Leave.

The City of Lubbock said this would not reduce sick, vacation, holiday or any other paid leave balance.

Water Utilities

In addition, the city will consider a resolution to have New Gen Strategies and Solutions, LLC to work with the Water Advisory Commission and adopt new rate recommendations.

Lubbock’s most recent comprehensive water and wastewater rate evaluation was performed in 2016.

Playground Replacement

In May of 2022, the City Council approved $7 million of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding with $1.1 million dedicated to playground replacements for five parks in most need for replacement.

In the agenda item, Mahon, Crow, Higinbotham, Davis and Cooke Parks were concluded as the five in most need for replacement and will be considered in the meeting.

The purchase order cost for each park is as follows:

  • Cooke Park – $200,986.70
  • Crow Park – $195,623.06
  • Davis Park – $193,064.55
  • Higinbotham Park – $205,277.96
  • Mahon Park – $205,411.82