City of Lubbock begins city water tower project

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock is working to build 5 new water towers, hoping to stabilize the water pressure system across the city. They have officially started construction on the first of the five over on Indiana Ave and 50th Street.

These towers are part of the city’s plan to help keep up with Lubbock’s growing population 

“These new towers are going to be taller to give us the pressure that we need pushing out through the system,” said City Engineer, Michael Keenum. 

Four towers will be built in new areas, one will be taken down and rebuilt and two existing water towers will be taken down. The new towers are set to be about 16 feet taller than the current ones, and this new height will also help take pressure off of home plumbing systems. 

“It should even out our pressures across the city and it should reduce pipeline leaks so it’s going to be a great addition to the city,” said Assistant Division Director of Public Works, John Turpin.  

The tanks cost about $6 million a piece to build and are being built with the newest technology, consisting of a concrete column and a steel bowl on top that will hold 2 million gallons of water. 

“This composite tank is really the newest thing in tanks and so we are excited to have this technology. They look cleaner and they are less of an eye sore to the driving public,” said Keenum. 

Because these new tanks will require less water to be pumped through the system they might help save taxpayers money.

“These tanks – when we have all 5 in place – are basically will pay for themselves in about 7-10 years each, and that’s just energy saving alone. So it’s a pretty neat opportunity,” said Keenum.  

For Keenum he’s excited about the possibilities these towers might bring.

“It’s going to change the face of Lubbock. We are going to see some things we haven’t seen before. Yes, these tanks are expensive to build but we can foresee the savings that are going to come in the long run,” said Keenum.  

The project is set to end in 2026 and Turpin said they are making good progress

“I feel like we are in a good position moving forward. We are trying to become more efficient and save our rate payers dollars,” said Turbin.  

The first two of the five water towers should be complete by December of 2021.

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