LUBBOCK, Texas – The City of Lubbock Health Department recommended on Tuesday that residents order their eight free, at-home tests before the Biden Administration ends distribution on Friday.

Katherine Wells, the Director of Public Health for the city, said this decision comes after COVID cases in the Hub City recently spiked; averaging 61 cases a day in June, 114 cases a day in July, and “over the last four weeks, we’ve really started seeing a decrease in those number of cases. We’re down to 79 cases per day.”

The Biden Administration said it will discontinue sending free tests because congress hasn’t provided more funding to replenish the stockpile, so there are only two days left for people to order the free tests.

“After that, individuals who need a COVID test will either need to go to a doctor’s office, one of our testing sites, or you can pick up those tests at local pharmacies; some of our big box stores. Some insurances are covering those tests for free. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay between- I’ve seen between $10 and $25,” Wells said.

The health department said it will continue to offer free testing at 1610 5th Street, across from the main CHCL building, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

The other good news, Wells shared, is that the Bivalent COVID vaccine will be sent out to health departments around the country.

“That’s going to be a combination of the original COVID vaccine, plus an altered vaccine that will be more effective against the Omicron variant,” the health director explained.

City health officials said they do not yet know who will be eligible for the Bivalent booster.

“We don’t know if it’ll be limited by age, comorbidity, or how long it has been since you got your last booster. We’ll have to wait for that meeting and read the guidance, and then release that information to the public,” Wells stated.

When the booster does become available, the health department said it will offer walk-in vaccine clinics across town.

To learn more about the City of Lubbock Health Department’s COVID-19 resources, click here.