City of Lubbock hits weather snag in water tower project

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LUBBOCK, Texas — City workers are in the process of building five new water towers all across the city. They are have already completed one on Milwaukee Avenue and 98th Street but the latest at 50th Street and Indiana Avenue, has hit a bit of a snag.

“We ran into some coating issues along the way because of the hot and cold temps. We’ve gotten that issue fixed and that’s why we are going to be raising that one up pretty soon,” said Assistant Director of Public Works, John Turpin.

With the temperature going from hot to cold, the City has had to stall painting it, with wind preventing them from raising the bowl to the top. But they hope to have to project back on track by the end of the month, bringing them one step closer to their final goal.

“Once we have all these done, the city will see savings due to these which will help lower our electrical costs due to the utilities on the water side as well as some [operations and maintenance] costs which will assist in keeping our costs down,” said Turpin.

These five towers are part of a $30 million project that will bring elevated water storage back to the city.

“It’s been progressing really well. I think the project, so far, has been a success,” said Turpin.

Turpin said he hopes this project will not only help stabilize water pressure across the city – preventing some instances of pipes bursting – but also lower consumer costs in the long term.

“You do away with all the O&M costs, or all the operations and maintenance, costs and the electrical costs of all of those three pump stations that we will no longer need, so it will be good savings for the City of Lubbock and in turn go back to the citizens also,” said Turpin.

The City is hoping to raise the water tower on 50th Street & Indiana Avenue on June 28, completing the first 2 water towers. City officials said the next three will hopefully be completed next year, once the funding has been secured.

Each tower will hold around 2 million gallons of water.

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