LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock is getting ready to host the first Earth Day on Broadway festival. The event is just one part of the city’s initiatives to revitalize the downtown area. 

The City of Lubbock’s Stormwater Compliance Specialist, Miola Aganovic, said plans for the event have been in the works for months, but the bigger picture has been years in the making.

“We wanted to bring the arts community, the environmentally friendly community, back into the heart of downtown and bring the business back here too. That’s kind of where everything started,” Aganovic said.

The early stages of the event started a couple of months ago when the city held a competition among mural artists. Out of over 50 submissions, six artists won a $1,000 prize and were selected to paint storm drains between Broadway and Avenue K.

“We decided to have our own event so that we could feature those artists and also include the local organizations,” Aganovic said. “And our eco-friendly population that we have here in Lubbock.” 

The event is driven by the chance to showcase local artists and local vendors while muralists install their works. 

Charles Adams Studio Project’s Director Chad Plunket said that he, for one, is excited to see the city investing in art in the heart of downtown. 

“I think that art, at least one of the roles of art, expresses the life of a community, “Plunket said. “And so, if your communities are alive, then things are happening. So, just by its very nature, it brings people together.” 

There are still spots open for businesses and artists interested in participating in the event. For those interested, click the link.

The deadline to register is on April 1. The festival is on April 22 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Between Broadway and Avenue K.