City of Lubbock works to exterminate mosquitoes after rainfall

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock is working to kill mosquitoes after the added rainfall in the past few weeks.

Director of the Lubbock Health Department Katherine Wells said the city had installed mosquito traps around the city to find out what kind of mosquitoes are present in the area.

“They’re also sending some of those specimens off to our laboratory partners at Texas Tech to test to see if any of those mosquitoes are carrying any of those diseases,” said Wells.

Wells said there are certain diseases that the city is looking for.

“We haven’t seen any disease-carrying mosquitoes, and our biggest concern in this area are mosquitoes carrying West Nile. We usually see some cases of West Nile every year,” said Wells.

Wells said the city’s vector control team sprays in the morning and the evening hours when mosquitoes are most active, and they’re also controlling the population through larva sightings.

“So, larva sighting is placing a bacteria in standing water, and that will prevent the mosquito lave to develop into a mosquito where they can bite them,” said Wells.

Wells said, in addition to the city’s effort to help control the mosquito population, residents can play an active role in helping eliminate pesky mosquitoes.

“Really walk through your yard and look for small containers that can gather water that can be the saucer, underneath a plant, it can be a kid’s toy, it can be a dog bowl,” said Wells. “[Also] cut the grass because mosquitoes can be in those grassy areas.”

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