LUBBOCK, Texas– On Monday, The City of Slaton City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to make the city officially a sanctuary city for the unborn, following right behind Lubbock’s ordinance passed earlier this year.

City Mayor Clifton Shaw said the council was presented with the paperwork for the petition back in October.

“So, we had to vote on this,” he said.

The council previously voted 3-1 back in November, due to one of the council members who questioned the wording of the ordinance.

Shaw said there were no issues to pass the ordinance– meaning no one opposed the ordinance via public comment before it went to the council for a vote.

“Other than that, [the issue] has not come up at City Hall,” he said.

The US Supreme Court allowed the Texas ban on abortions to stand.

“In reality, Slaton does not have an abortion clinic or a hospital that does abortions,” he added. “It’s more of a feel-good measure.”

However, the Supreme Court also ruled Texas abortion providers can sue over the state’s ban on most abortions.

“I think this country is heading that way in most states,” Shaw said. “Sea turtles get more respect than a human fetus does in this country.”

Although Shaw said he does not agree with abortion, he said he wish restrictions for adoption would ease up.

“There’s a lot of kids up there who deserve a family,” he said.