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LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock announced today that trick-or-treating is officially on this year, despite some concerns around the pandemic. Of course, following all COVID-19 guidelines is strongly encouraged.

With Halloween just around the corner and plenty of people starting to make their trick-or-treating plans, some folks are coming up with some creative ways that you can safely get your spook on this season.

Meg Davis and Mason Slater wanted to have a big celebration in their yard on 30th Street for Halloween. However, due to COVID-19, they had to cancel it.

“We love Halloween, we’ve loved Halloween since we were kids,” said Mason Slater, creator of Bones on 30th. “And now that we’re adults, we want to just pass on the joy and the fun to the kids around here.”

Davis and Slater are still encouraging the community to stop by their house at 5313 30th Street to take photos and post them on their Facebook page – Bones on 30th. They’re hoping that plenty will participate and post photos of their costumes as well so they can hold a virtual costume contest.

“We have glow in the dark chalk. So we’re gonna mark social distancing points, about six or seven feet apart, kind of down the driveway in the sidewalk,” said Davis. “I’m really looking forward to hopefully folks turning out and being able to see everybody’s costumes and see what kind of creativity so much quarantine has sparked.”

They also have some creative ideas for how they’ll be distributing candy.

“We’re going to build a 10-foot candy shoot,” said Slater. “So we can maintain a proper social distance and be sending the candy down the chute into the little kids baskets or bowls.”

City officials said trick-or-treaters should stay in small groups of less than 10 and wear a mask – but costume masks don’t count.

“Keep your group number small and with people that you’ve already been around, you know more regularly and do the masks, sanitize your hands often,” said City of Lubbock Public Information Officer Lacey Nobles.

Lubbock Police also remind the public to stay aware of typical Halloween safety, like checking candy before kids eat it and making sure they’re wearing reflective tape so they can be seen in the dark.

“We want to encourage drivers to be careful as they’re driving around town because there’s a lot more pedestrians out on the roads,” said Lubbock Police Public Information Officer Allison Matherly. “Make sure your kids aware of where you’re going to go. And especially how to get back home from those locations.”

Officials also recommend having only one person handing out candy, and encourage the public to consider bundling candy in baggies before distributing so there’s less potential for transmission of the virus. At Bones on 30th – they’re filling plastic gloves with candy to be even more spooky.

Although Davis and Slater are disappointed they can’t celebrate and hold as many in-person festivities as they’d like, they’re excited to have an even bigger and better party next year.

“I just love seeing happy kids. And that’s, that’s really the reason we did all this is just to put some smiles on some kids and parents faces we’ve had, we’ve all had such a tough year. We deserve a little bit of fun,” said Slater.

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