LUBBOCK, Texas — Planned Parenthood announced, at the end of July, they would be returning to Lubbock by the end of the year.

Senator Charles Perry of District 28 has requested a city ordinance to keep Lubbock a sanctuary city for life, preventing the organization from conducting abortions at the facility.

When he first got word that Planned Parenthood was coming to Lubbock, Senator Perry started a petition against it, and it ended up getting close to 5000 signatures. However, not all citizens agreed this would be good for the city.

“We should have them all over town. We should have them in every city. There are too many women in this state that don’t have health insurance. And it’s so important,” said Planned Parenthood supporter Deanna Jandrew. “The screenings, from young women to older women is so necessary because they have too many women getting sick. And by the time they find out, they’ve already had symptoms, and there’s nothing that we can do.”

There was a Planned Parenthood location in Lubbock up until 2013. Having actively opposed the organization throughout his entire time in office, Senator Perry said he does not want them to come back to the city because it goes against his faith.

“We’ve been without them since ’13,” said Senator Perry. “Most people will tell you, they’ve got the health care they needed – and it’s mostly all women.”

His proposed city ordinance will make it possible to file a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood for conducting abortions.

“It gives another barrier if you will, or an obstacle for organizations such as planned parenthood to consider and think about.

“I fully expect and anticipate that if the ordinances passed, which we hope there will be, they’ll be challenged. We hope for those challenges. We believe we’ll be successful in it,” said Senator Perry.

It is unclear if the Lubbock location will offer abortions. Of the 23 facilities throughout Texas, only three of them offer the procedure.

However, without sex education in schools and high rates of STD’s and teen pregnancies throughout the district, Jandrew explained she feels Lubbock must have a Planned Parenthood.

“Obviously, the abstinence-only is not working,” said Jandrew. “We need to offer better education to everyone, and hopefully, Planned Parenthood can help.”

Senator Perry said when it comes to sex education, it shouldn’t fall on outside facilities or schools to discuss sex ed. He said families should have those conversations instead.

“There’s a lot of opportunities for moms that find themselves in the situation to not follow through, and we need to get that message out just as much as we do against the abortion provider,” said Senator Perry.