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LUBBOCK, Texas — In September, the City of Lubbock renewed their terrorism insurance policy to protect the city in the event of a terrorist attack. 

According to city officials, they have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. 

“We could be a target, realistically, we could, for domestic or international terrorism,” said Leisa Hutcheson, director of human resources and risk management. 

Terrorism insurance protects against potential losses or liabilities that might happen if there’s an attack, she said. 

“To have a terroristic attack for one of our facilities, wastewater or electric utility could be devastating to the tax payer,” Hutcheson said. 

She said it protects against both domestic and foreign terrorism. According to the city, it is very difficult to predict something like this, and the potential liability is enormous. 

“Risk management’s job is to look at insurance available and take it to the council and what we believe the benefits are,” Hutcheson said. “[Then they] decide whether or not they think it’s good to protect the assets of the organization.”

A study by the Brookings Institute shows property damage from the 9/11 terrorist attacks cost approximately $100 billion. 

On Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott announced $61.2 million in Homeland Security Program funding to support state and local efforts to prevent terrorism and prepare for threats. 

The City of Lubbock will receive $78,000 in HSGP funding.

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