LUBBOCK, Texas – The City of Lubbock is spending more than $3 million for furniture in Citizens Tower.

The allowance was included in the total $64 million budget for the new building, and Councilman Steve Massengale said they are actually a few thousand under.

“We are less than 60,000 dollars under, which is great,” Massengale said. “It can be expensive furnishing new places like this, but we are always cognizant of the fact that we are spending people’s money.”

According to Massengale, most everything has gone according to plan, as items that are still in good conditions will be brought over to the tower, including a chair costing a thousand dollars by previous mayor, Glen Robertson.

“To be clear this happened before Dan Pope took office,” Massegale said. “Now, the mayor does not get any special chair, city council members do not get special chairs, and what is in our office will follow us to the tower.”

City Council expects everyone should be moved into the tower by November.