LUBBOCK, Texas — was able to obtain a police report over the weekend concerning an armed robbery which happened early Tuesday morning (January 17) at the Yesway location, 4609 Avenue A.

Police were called just after 1:00 a.m. for a “robbery in progress.”

According to the police report, a robber came in and approached the counter while holding a firearm partially concealed in a shoulder bag.

“[The store employee] could visibly see [the armed robber] holding the grip of a pistol, leaving the rest of the firearm to be concealed inside the bag,” the police report said.

The police report said the robber demanded money and some other item which was not specified in the report. The robber then ran off.

Police looked at surveillance video and confirmed the store clerk’s story.

“I could audibly hear [the armed robber] advising [the store clerk] to “hurry up” while watching the video surveillance,” an officer wrote in the police report.

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The suspect got away before police arrived. There was no mention of injuries in the report, but it did say the clerk was “visibly shaken up” and “felt his life was in danger.”