Climate group wants Lubbock citizens to know how new legislation will affect winter preparedness

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A statewide discussion set to take place on Thursday, October 14 will provide information on the most recent legislation regarding the stabilization of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). The Lubbock chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) said it hopes the community will take part because it involves their safety and security this winter.

Lawmakers designed the recent legislation to prevent crises like the February freeze, but some groups question whether or not it will create the changes Texans hope to see by winter.

The Lubbock community will be affected in ways other Texas cities are not because Lubbock recently joined ERCOT. The switch affected 70 percent of LP&L customers, with the other 30 percent of consumers to switch over to the ERCOT grid in the coming years.

ERCOT oversees the main power grid for the majority of the state, and while speculators believe there are many causes for the February freeze, the Lubbock chapter of CCL said ERCOT’s resources collapsing for several days contributed.

Edward George is the secretary for the Lubbock chapter of CCL. On Wednesday morning, he said the city of Lubbock has been in the process of joining ERCOT for over a decade.

“All the jaw dropping things that happened to people practically everywhere else in Texas, did not happen to us,” he said.

“In the last few months,” George said, “People of Lubbock became aware that we are about to join the ERCOT grid and [asked] themselves, ‘Holy cow, do we want to let ourselves in for a risk like the one that the rest of the state underwent?'”

Much of Lubbock does not have a choice unless they vote for change, said Susan Gillette, the coordinator for the Lubbock chapter of CCL.

“One thing that they can do is winterize the system so that the system we have in place works better, one of the things they can do is to add more energy, electric capacity to the system so that they will provide more energy to to the grid,” Gillette recommended.

Legislators can assist their constituents by urging them to winterize their homes and helping that happen.

“I want the public to know what our legislature has done, and the possibilities that they could do,” she said.
“How could the legislature help us [make] sure we have the energy we need?”

For more information on the problem, solutions and event, visit the group’s Facebook page.

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