WOLFFORTH, Texas – One local coffee shop owner decided to take matters into her own hands with the recent formula shortage. Destiny Adams is not only the owner of Tumbleweed and Sage Coffeehouse, but she is also a mom, knowing just how hard breastfeeding can be. 

“We actually have had a really hard breastfeeding journey and as a new mom, I got really discouraged because I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I can’t feed my baby, what am I going to do?’  And then as soon as we left the hospital, you hear all these things about the formula shortage and I just knew I couldn’t give up on breastfeeding,” said Adams. 

Adams decided to stock her coffee shop with Lactation cookies, a sweet treat that aids in producing milk. 

“It’s not the magic fix but it’s here to help us and aid us in getting that milk going,” said Adams.

It may look like just a delicious triple chocolate cookie, but the sweet treat is actually more than meets the eye.

“They’re not the fix at all to your problems of lactation, they’re here to help stimulate and produce milk by eating foods that you should be eating while breastfeeding. They contain brewers yeast, flax seed oats and then chocolate for mom, because we all need a snack and a treat ourselves,” said Adams. 

It’s no surprise that the cookies were such a hit.

“We’re almost sold out for this morning and I just released them yesterday while we were closed,” said Davis. 

Davis hopes that these cookies can help provide a little support to struggling moms. 

“Our whole coffee shop was meant to be a community spot so we really want to push. You know, this is a safe space. If a mom wants to come cry and talk to me about breastfeeding, we will cry together because I know it’s hard,” said Davis. 

Dr. Kristen Robinson, Pediatrician and Medical director of the newborn nursery at UMC said that while there is not enough evidence behind lactation cookies, there is no harm in trying as the ingredients that Tumbleweed and Sage use are not harmful. Robinson recommends parents to reach out to lactation consultants for any questions or concerns.

For more information on how to reach the tasty treats you can head to Tumbleweed and Sage’s Facebook page here

You can also reach their website here.