Cold weather, fear of power outages causes firewood shortage

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LUBBOCK, Texas — As we get warnings of possible power outages, more folks are looking to get their fireplaces going. However, that’s caused a shortage of firewood.

Some Lubbockites have been looking to stock up since the cold spell first hit on Thursday — and it’s been especially difficult.

“This is my first load since Thursday, it’s the first place we found that’s actually answered and that they have it,” said Maurice Hastey, a customer buying firewood at Slide Plant Market. “We didn’t really prepare too well, everywhere that I had been to like Walmart, all the stores even that sell firewood, they were all out.”

With many grocery stores and gas stations cleared out, Slide Plant Market might just be the last place with wood available during this frigid week.

“The yard used to be pretty full and I tried to overstock it cause I thought it was going to be a cold year but we just got inundated,” said Mark Lee, owner of Slide Plant Market.

Lee explained that over the past week, business has been booming – but the weather has made it especially hard to keep up with.

“Nobody was ready for it, the people that were cutting the wood, the people that were shipping it,” he said.

The poor road conditions have delayed a lot of shipments coming in on trucks from New Mexico, East Texas and Oklahoma – making it difficult to fill the high demand.

With a lot of additional concerns for power outages and especially fear of freezing pipes, Lee recommended the public plan well in advance and stock up on lots of wood the next time there’s cold weather. 

“Stock up before it gets like this because in 3 degrees, it’s no fun being out there so, you know, get it a couple weeks beforehand,” said Lee.

If you’re interested in seeing if wood is still available at Slide Plant Market you can visit their website or call them at 806-790-7314. 

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