LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance announced Tuesday the expansion of a new company out of Florida, which will bring 500 new jobs and more than $66 million to the Hub City.

Tropicale Foods, the number one Hispanic Frozen Novelty Company in the U.S., serves Mexican frozen treats. It started with just two brothers more than twenty years ago. CEO Steven Schiller said Lubbock was the perfect location to expand.

“The community has been incredibly welcoming in helping us in our journey to find the right location. And it’s that kind of support and partnership that will be important for us on a go forward basis,” he explained.

He added that moving their next manufacturing location towards the center of the country makes a lot of sense for the logistics of running an ice cream business.

John Osborne, the CEO and president of LEDA said, “These past few years have been real challenging for a lot of companies. And oftentimes, our family-owned companies just don’t make it.” He added, “Lubbock was not immune to these challenges. But we also have risen from those challenging times. And we’re excited about this announcement today.”

Schiller said they are still working out the details to figure out how much the 500 new jobs will pay. He said they will be competitive with market rates and will probably be even better than that.

All of their frozen treats will be found at all the major and local chains here in Lubbock.

Construction is underway for the new facility, that’s at 1001 East 33rd Street. They have plans to start hiring by the end of the year, and production should begin in the second quarter of 2023.