LUBBOCK, Texas– Phyllis Gant is a well known community member who lost her 32-year-old son Steven Gambles Jr. on July 7th after he was shot and killed in Plano, Texas.

“He was in Legacy Circle West, same restaurant he took me to for my birthday,” said Gant “having dinner, shopping, doing what he did and a person with no face and no soul took his life.”

On Sunday, 24-year-old Jordan Jacobs was arrested and charged for the murder of Gambles. As of Monday evening, he remained jailed on a $500,000 bond.

Like his mother Gambles was an independent and hard-working young man who Gant says was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“My kid was not perfect, there are no perfect people but he was an amazing professional young man,” said Gant.

Gant has made a huge impact in the Lubbock, from buying groceries for those in need to to helping those who, in some cases, can’t help themselves. It’s the way she raised her boys and even in this challenging season that will not change.

“I am going to speak for the voiceless, I am going to help that lady with the utility bill, I am going to do the things God has my name on,” said Gant, ” in every breath I take I will honor my son.”

Gant sends her thanks to the Plano Police Department for putting her son’s killer behind bars and asks anyone in the community to keep her family in their prayers as they navigate these challenging times.