Community asked to donate bags to 5th annual ‘Case for Dignity & Awareness Collection Drive’

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Johnson Fung, Founder & Coordinator of Carry With Respect , interviewed on KLBK Bright & Early about the 5th annual Case for Dignity & Awareness Collection Drive.

The drive’s Facebook page described their mission further:

“Imagine someone packed your valuable possession into a trash bag for you to carry around; how would that make you feel? My guess is you likely felt upset, probably even angry, and more importantly you felt disrespected. You might even felt like ‘trash.’

Unfortunately, some victims of abuse in the Lubbock and surrounding area face similar situation. As the victim tries to flee from her abuser and seeks refuge from agency such as Women’s Protective Services, the victim may only carry a few things, or sometimes close to nothing. Although the agency does an admirable job in providing shelter, time, clothing, general necessities, and services to help victims of abuse to get back on their feet, the agency just does not have the resources to buy and provide carrying cases for the victims to hold their belongings.

Over time, things do accumulate as the abuse victims stay at the shelter. As a result, sometimes victims’ belongings will be put into a large black trash bag for them to carry out as they leave the shelter; this situation applies to both single victims and victims with children. The victim of abuse is grateful for the agency’s help; however, does the victim’s self respect get hurt indirectly because her stuff is stored in a trash bag!?

To make matter worse, plane and Greyhound bus would not allowed travelers to carry personal items in trash bags. In other words, abused victims have to abandon their belongings that are put in trash bags if they are to get on the bus or plane!!

A person’s belongings deserve more than being put into trash bags!! This is where “Carry with Respect” would like to step in and help.

“Carry with Respect” is an ongoing charitable drive benefiting Lubbock Women’s Protective Services (WPS) and Voice of Hope of Lubbock. If you have a “used” clean luggage/suitcase, carry on case, backpack, duffle bag that is sitting somewhere in your house or garage and is no longer in use, please donate it to this cause so that an abused victim can put her belongings in a dignified manner and feel loved and cared. Of course, your donation of any “New” item is sincerely appreciated.

Carry with Respect’s long-term vision is to be able to expand and help other less fortunate, such as foster children, in the Lubbock and surrounding area that no one will ever put their personal belongings in trash bags.”

For more information, click the video above. Reach out to Carry With Respect by clicking here.

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