LUBBOCK, Texas — Construction at 19th Street has been underway for three weeks, taking a toll on businesses and students at Texas Tech.

Students coming back to campus for the school year said they have to plan ahead with getting to and from school because of the traffic on 19th Street.

“I just have to plan 15 minutes earlier to leave, because we are trying to avoid that traffic. If you’re trying to get on campus, you can’t really avoid it at all. It’s like the main way to get there.” Brooklyn Lepard, Texas Tech Student said.

“It’s just a bit frustrating.” Yash Nikb, Texas Tech student, said.

Lepard said she can’t imagine how the businesses in the area are dealing with the construction.

“It’s so difficult to even if you’re going this direction trying to turn around it’s already difficult as is so I could only imagine trying to get into like Smoothie King and jazz and all that stuff. But they’re, businesses, not happy about it.” Lepard said.

Diva Lashes, a local business, is affected by the construction because their entrance now takes clients on a detour before entering.

“It’s a really busy road, people are going in and out of work. And plus, not only that, we’re really close to tech, which is going to now that college is going to be starting a lot more traffic is going to be flowing in which I’m sure it’s going to cause a lot of complex problems to happen.” Amy Arguello, Lash Technician at Diva Lashes, said.

Arguello said that a lot of Tech students would go and get their lashes done but with the construction it’s up in the air.

“The fact that they had all summer to get this done, at least get started a little bit early. That way, they finish a lot quicker. Maybe it wouldn’t affect our clientele so much,” Arguello said.

Lepard and Arguello said the street that would’ve taken only 2 minutes to get across is now taking 10 to 15.

“Every time I help on 19th I feel like I’m sitting there for a good 10 minutes and not much is moving. And I’m not seeing anyone doing any actual construction.”