In September, Lubbock County approved a contract with NAAG to run the office of medical examiner and on October 1, Sam Andrews was appointed as the Chief Medical Examiner.  Trouble followed.

Among a long list of allegations, a former employee said in a lawsuit that the office began taking body parts from dead children without permission.  A Texas Medical Board investigation began last year, and a Texas Rangers investigation began in February. 

The following are links to our ongoing stories concerning the office of Lubbock County Medical Examiner. 

Local coverage:

D.A. provides update on the Lubbock County Medical Examiner’s Office investigation – 3/20/2019 

National Autopsy Assay Group defends medical decisions, after lawsuit filed – 3/5/2018

More trouble for medical examiner, allegations of mishandling child’s body – 3/4/2019

2nd family comes forward, says toddler’s organs harvested by medical examiner without permission – 2/25/2019 

Local attorney breaks down legal ramifications of medical examiner investigation – 2/21/2019 

Lubbock medical examiner now under increased scrutiny in Travis County – 2/20/1019 

Fired employee sues, accuses medical examiner of acting like “body snatcher” – 2/20/2019 

Letter from ME gives instruction to harvest organs from child, family says no permission given – 2/19/2019 

Lubbock Co. Medical Examiner accuses previous one of bribes and alcoholism – allegations disputed – 2/19/2019 

Medical examiner accuses commissioner of official oppression – commissioner responds – 2/18/2019 

Trouble for Lubbock Medical Examiner: prosecutors disclose credibility issue – 2/15/2019

Texas Rangers investigating Lubbock Co. Medical Examiner’s office – 2/08/2019

New medical examiner works to close 427 incomplete reports – 10/16/2018 

Lubbock Co. working to reduce backlog at medical examiner’s office – 10/16/2018 

Lubbock County Commissioners approve contract with NAAG Pathology Labs P.C. – 9/24/2018 

Document links: 

Rebecca Villarreal Ortiz vs Evan Matshes, Sam Andrews, NAAG and NAAG Pathology – petition – 3/4/2019 

Tita Senee Graves vs NAAG Pathology, Dr. Evan Matshes and Dr. Sam Andrews – petition – 2/20/2019  

Response by Dr. Stephen Pustilnik to allegations made by Dr. Andrews – 2/19/2019 

Memos from Sam Andrews to K. Sunshine Stanek accusing Dr. Pustilnik and Dr. Natarajan – 1/28/2019 and 1/29/2019 (Special note: these memos are disputed by Graves, Pustilnik and Nataran)

Affidavit of Senior Forensic Pathologist Stephen Pustilnik – dated 1/15/2019 

Other sources:

New OMI Pathologist Left Controversy Behind – 2/7/2013 – Albuquerque Journal 

Defense presents James Boyd’s knives in Sandy, Perez trial – 9/26/2016 – 

Federal officials close investigation into death of James Boyd – 7/18/2017 – 

Travis County transitions into state-of-the-art medical examiner’s office – 10/11/2017 – 

New medical testimony will be allowed in West Campus murder case – 10/20/2017 – 

Judge forced to drop murder charge over former UNM medical examiner’s ‘unreliable’ testimony – 10/25/2017 – 

Man accused of causing his boyfriend’s death found guilty of assault – 10/25/2017 –  

Vehicular Homicide charge dropped in drunk driving crash that killed a teen – 12/7/2017 – 

Lawsuit: Ex-Travis Co. ME harvested organs in Lubbock without permission – 2/22/2019 –