Counterfeit money makes an appearance in the Hub City

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Counterfeit money is popping up around Lubbock once again, meaning some people aren’t getting real dollars and instead ending up with cash they aren’t sure what to do with.

“Generally, business customers will bring some in and so someone has passed it to them in their place of business and then they bring in their cash deposit and occasionally find a bill in there that’s counterfeit,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at City Bank, Paul Ehlers. 

If someone finds counterfeit money, the easiest thing to do is to take it straight to the bank.

The bank will then take the money and give it to Lubbock’s Secret Service agents who start tracking where the bills came from. 

Counterfeit money in the Hub City isn’t totally new. However, thanks to special machines, City Bank said banks are able to catch those fake bills pretty quickly by detecting how strong the bills are and the fibers of the bill.

Bills can be taken out of circulation as quickly as possible. But they said if someone brings in a counterfeit bill, they’ll try and help figure out where it came from 

“We’ll ask them if they know potentially where they got it from just to try and help them think back to where it may have surfaced,” Ehlers said. “And to know if it was a certain individual – or not. Typically, they just weren’t aware they were given a counterfeit bill. But if [you] are suspicious of it, I just wouldn’t accept it.”

Ehlers said most of the time they don’t see counterfeit bills under 20 dollars.  For businesses, using a certain type of marker on bills or even just taking a second look at the bill can help to make sure customers aren’t giving them counterfeit bills.

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