County roads left littered after Fourth of July celebrations

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LUBBOCK COUNTY, Texas — Fourth of July weekend celebrations left roads along Lubbock County littered with firecracker trash.

Kay Poll, a resident near Buffalo Springs Lake, said there was a lot of traffic along 50th Street and County Road 3000 all weekend.

She said people popped fireworks until the morning and when she woke up, there was a lot of trash left behind.

“There was just piles of trash and boxes of trash over up and down the road, over in the bar ditch,” she said. “I love fireworks as much as anybody but we need to be politically correct and be polite to one another.”

Bryant Blakemore, a resident near Buffalo Springs Lake, said last year he noticed the road leading up to his home was littered with trash after the Fourth of July celebration so he sprang into action.

“I spent about four hours out there and filled up an entire pick up truck bed with nothing but fireworks related trash,” he said.

This year, Blakemore took a different approach and ordered two dumpsters by 50th Street leading up to Buffalo Springs Lake.

“[I] [had] hopes that people would use them without any particular guidance, just their conscience,” he said.

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