County votes to fund $35-37 million toward Woodrow Road expansion

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LUBBOCK, Texas – On Monday morning, Lubbock County voted to allocate funds for the expansion of Woodrow Road.

The vote would allow for the conversion of the two-lane road into a five-lane road.

Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parish said the two phase project will cost between $35-$37 million dollars.

Parish said the county will pay for 20 percent of the first phase while the Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization (LMPO) will pay the remaining 80 percent of the first phase which will be $21.6 million dollars.

“Because we are receiving the money from the LMPO, this means that we are building Woodrow Road according to federal specifications,” Parish said. “I think that is the benefit of the citizens of Lubbock County.

Johnny Arroyo, Lubbock County resident and business owner, lives and does business right along Woodrow Road. He said he and his wife have lived on the land for the past 35 years, and they own an RV park.

Arroyo said there is usually congestion on the road, which makes it difficult to get out of the property, and that he hopes the expansion of the road will help alleviate some congestion. However, Arroyo said he does have some concerns.

“Well,” Arroyo said, “I’m just concerned about how much property they’re going to take from me to build the road.”

Arroyo said he and his wife planted trees in the front 32 years ago, and he hopes they do not cut them down.

“A couple of times, people had some tires fly out of their axles, and one came flying straight for the house. And if it wasn’t for a tree that was here, it would have gone into the house and hurt someone,” Arroyo said. “I’m going to really miss those trees, and I can’t plant anymore, because I’ll never see them grow.”

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