WOLFFORTH, Texas — A local couple has opened up a coffee shop in Wolfforth amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Cole Adams, the owner of Tumbleweed + Sage Coffeehouse, said there was some uncertainty with opening up the business at first but that he and his wife were confident in getting the coffee house’s doors open.

“We spent years in the political campaign business so it’s really fast paced and you’ve got to innovate so we’re just like, ‘Hey we’re not afraid to basically just open up and start making some money because that’s really what we had to do,'” he said. “We couldn’t just sit here. Who knows how long this is going to last.”

Destiny Adams said they served over 250 drinks on their opening day. She credits posting on the COVID-19 Neighborhood Samaritans Facebook page with helping her spread the word about the shop.

“The response was amazing to see the community back us up in that way saying, ‘what’s your menu? I’m ready to go. I will see you tomorrow,'” she said. “It had about 600 likes and hundreds of shares and we could have never imagined something like that happening.”

Audri Rojas is a barista at the coffee shop and she said she’s grateful they were able to open up.

“I know in a lot of places in the country baristas specifically are really affected by what’s happening, but i feel like it was crazy how i got this new opportunity during all of this and so I just feel really blessed,” she said.