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Court records describe events that led to arrest of TTU football player

LUBBOCK, Texas - Court records revealed new details about the ongoing criminal case against former Texas Tech football player Furquan “Quan” Shorts.  

A seizure affidavit was filed Tuesday in which prosecutors are seeking permission to permanently keep $1,160 seized from Shorts’ residence on June 14. 

Shorts was arrested on that same day for a class B misdemeanor charge of possessing marijuana.  The seizure document indicated a more serious charge might be applicable.

Police acquired a search warrant for his residence in the 2200 block of Mac Davis Lane.  The seizure records said Shorts answered the front door for police, but when he saw officers he shut the door.  An officer opened it right back up. 

Police confiscated a green leafy substance, a WeighMax scale, and cash.  

“The total weight of the marijuana found in the Furquan Shorts bedroom … was 1.35 ounces,” the seizure document said. 

The document accused Shorts of selling marijuana as a cash business.  

The money found in Shorts’ residence was actually $1,400 but $240 of that amount was described as “buy money” from two undercover purchases.  

Shorts was removed from the Texas Tech football team after his arrest.  He posted bond to get out of jail and as of Wednesday, the criminal case was still pending.

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