Eddie Estuardo Galindo-Mendez, 44, was sentenced Friday to a little less than five years in prison for bank robbery.  

On November 20, 2017, Texas Tech Police were told about a suspicious device in the parking lot of Talkington Hall.  According to official records, police found a pipe wrapped in duct tape with wires and a cell phone.  

The area was evacuated while the device was removed.  A little more than an hour after the device was reported, someone robbed the Happy State Bank at 4402 19th Street. 

Police later came to the conclusion that the device at Tech was related to the bank robbery.  The device was inert and safely removed. 

During the bank robbery, court records said, the suspect handed over a note that said: “There is a bomb. It is activated.  Don’t push the button.  No bait money.  No ink.”

“The employees provided Galindo-Mendez with approximately $2,553 and he left the bank on a bicycle and took the note, but left behind the IED,” according to a Department of Justice news release when he was indicted. 

That same official statement described him as a Guatemalan citizen. His current jail record listed an address in Slaton. 

Court records describe how Galindo-Mendez was caught. A fingerprint on the device at Texas Tech led investigators to a woman who was able to identify Galindo-Mendez.

Records said Galindo-Mendez drove with her in a pickup truck to Higginbotham Park.  He told her he was meeting a friend.  He took a bike from the back of the truck and rode away.

About 10 minutes later, he came back on the bike.  He put the bike in the back of the truck and they left.

When questioned, the woman recognized the bike that Galindo-Mendez used to get to and from the bank.  She also recognized surveillance video of the jacket he wore.

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