LUBBOCK, Texas (PRESS RELEASE) — The following is a press release from Covenant Health:

Since February of 2022, there has been ongoing concern regarding the shortage of infant formula due to a voluntary recall in many recognized brands of powdered infant formula produced in a Michigan plant. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates commercial infant formulas to make sure they meet the minimum nutritional and safety requirements of our infants.

Unfortunately, Texas is one of the states that has experienced ongoing supply chain issues, with many stores unable to stock the much-needed infant formula. We understand this is worrisome to many parents and guardians, creating questions about switching or supplementing their baby’s formula.

Dr. David Gray, pediatrician and chief medical officer at Covenant Children’s has provided a “do’s and don’ts” list as a quick reference for those needing assistance. Dr. Gray said, “we must continue to care for our children, and while this shortage is challenging, we hope this will assist moms, dads and guardians with helpful information to keep their infants healthy and strong.” He added, “if you have concerns, please consult with your pediatrician”.

Please see the attached for a list of recommendations regarding the shortage.

(Flyer provided in a press release from Covenant Health)

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(Press release from Covenant Health)