LUBBOCK, Texas – A piece of Lubbock expanded to Eastern New Mexico Thursday as Covenant Health had their grand opening for their brand-new hospital in Hobbs.

About twenty-two percent of Covenant’s patients come from Eastern New Mexico. They believed Hobbs was just the right place when it came to providing top notch health care.

They’ve been serving the region for over 100 years, but the idea for a new major hospital in Lea County came up in November of 2016.

“I’m excited. I hope LEA County’s excited for Covenant Health coming in,” Regional Chief Executive & President Walt Cathey said this hospital will operate the same way as Lubbock.

Bruce White, the Chief Executive for the Hobbs hospital said construction started in January of 2021. He said it’s close to a $110 million investment just for the building. Total, it’s around $130 million.

Cathey explained that their biggest emphasis right now is getting providers into the community. The hospital will bring around 1,000 jobs to Hobbs, but that number is likely to grow once they get it to where they want it.

Construction is on track, and the goal is to have patients in the door by September 28.