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LUBBOCK, Texas — With the fall semester quickly approaching, most parents know that the transition from summer vacation to school can be difficult for kids.

Family Doctor, Kompal Parmar, M.D. said there are things you can do to get children ready for school on Tuesday.

“Transitioning from like a summer vacation to school time is stressful transition, even for parents and there’s an excitement for the kid–but we have to get into some kind of routine,” Parmar said.

First tip: Parmar said one key component to the transition is getting the kids to bed early.

“Having a routine bed time to bed and get up at the same time a week before school starts so they can get into the school routine,” Parmar said.

Second tip: She said it’s important to get kids off of electronics, as blue light prevents them from sleeping.

“I would limit it to a total screen time of maybe two hours or so–including everything–TV cell phones and whatever they need to surf on the web,” Parmar said.

Third tip: Parmar said eating right is also key.

“A snack is a very important meal for the day for them to function good,” Parmar said. “Granola bars, those are good snacks, fruits in there, so those are healthy snacks.”

Tip four: She said make sure to check the weight of backpacks. For young children, backpacks shouldn’t weigh more than a few pounds.

“It depends on the child, you should use your own judgement and go accordingly,” Parmar said.

Tip five: Parmar says get children accustomed to healthy behaviors. Although school districts require students to get immunized, there are other ways to keep kids in their prime.

“Washing their hands when you cough or sneeze, using your elbow,” Parmar said.

Parmar said other tips to keep in mind are having a designated study area, making sure kids meet their teacher so they’re comfortable and going with children to get school supplies.

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