LUBBOCK, Texas — The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the groundbreaking for the Lubbock County Expo Center until this fall.

“It’ll take 18 months to two years to build it, so our goal is to have the ABC Rodeo be one of the first events in April of 2023,” said Randy Jordan, president of the Lubbock County Expo Center executive board.

Jordan said while the $50 million project is still “in budget,” it has been extremely difficult to fundraise within the community. The Expo Center is also partially funded by local hotel and rental car tax revenue.

“That revenue in the first part of 2020 was awful,” said Jordan. “The final months of 2020 were improvement but just not enough.”

Jordan said the ABC Rodeo would have to remain at the Mallet Event Center in Levelland until the Expo Center is finished.

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