COVID-19 ‘miracle’ survivors share their stories battling the virus

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Two men who were in the hospital for more than a month with COVID-19 are now back home fully recovered.

Friends, Ramiro Picon and Robert Childers, are considered ‘miracle cases’ by their doctors who did not expect them to survive.

“His oxygen was low, way too low so we had no choice but to put him on a ventilator,” said Dr. Dennis Duriex, Childer’s doctor. “When they get to that point where they have to be incubated, it’s anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of people who actually never make it out.”

Picon and Childers are some of the most extreme cases Lubbock has seen. For a time, Childers was placed into a coma, and Picon had pneumonia. Both of their doctors had prepared their families for the worst.

“I just got down and prayed because I knew that I could not make it without him,” said Hadiza Childers, Childers’ wife. “We’ve been together for over 25 years, and I just couldn’t be a widow at 44-years-old.”

Over time, both men astounded their doctors with their rapid recoveries, and were both discharged in early May. They say it was both their medical team and their strong sense of faith that got them through these difficult times.

“I just thank Yahweh for getting us through it because there was a time where I didn’t know,” said Ramiro Picon, COVID-19 survivor. “I was laying in my bed and I said ‘not to give up, you cannot give up’ and now I am back with my family.”

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