COVID-19 vaccine does not show link to infertility, local doctors say

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LUBBOCK-Texas — Pro-athlete Aaron Rodgers announced last week that one reason he chose not to be vaccinated is because of potential infertility. However, this is a rumor that has already been disproven by the Centers for Disease Control and local doctors.

“There are no increased risks for women who are vaccinated in pregnancy for things like pre-term labor, small for gestational age infants, congenital anomalies or neonatal death. We do know that women who get COVID infection can have vary serious signs and symptoms,” said Dr. Bennett Henderson, OBGYN with Covenant Medical Group.

Doctors say that the bigger risks actually come with getting COVID-19.

“Which could lead to things like preterm labor, need for oxygen admission to the ICU, intubation and even maternal death,” said Henderson.

But it’s not just a concern for women, COVID-19 could also pose a risk to male fertility.

“The vaccination appears to be safe, it’s COVID on male fertility, not the vaccination, that has been shown to be at least transient,” said Dr. Robert Kauffman, Professor of Obstetric and Gynecology at the TTUHSC School of Medicine in Amarillo.

According to Dr. Kauffman, studies have shown that some men who contract COVID have shown to have lower levels of testosterone, abnormally shaped sperm cells and damage to the those cells.

“We don’t know at this moment if that’s transient or long term, we think it’s probably transient, so if you don’t get vaccinated and you’re a male, you may be running the risk of short term sub-fertility, not infertility because you are likely to get pregnant,” said Kauffman

There has been no impact found so far on egg cells, but serious risks from COVID can still arise during pregnancy. Another reason why both doctors said they recommend getting the vaccine.

“If people ask me I tell them it’s a good idea. Is there a risk? Sure, but there’s a risk to everything. There is a risk of me going home tonight and a meteorite hitting me, but that’s probably not going to occur,” said Dr. Kauffman.

Vaccinations are still available and local pharmacies and the City of Lubbock Health Department is still hosting their mini-vaccine hub in the Caprock Center on 50th Street.

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