Child Protective Services on Tuesday sought court protection for a newborn baby in Lubbock.  CPS said the mother, Stephanie Rodriguez, 28, of Lubbock, was jailed for injury to a child and tampering with a government record.  Rodriguez’s jail booking sheet confirmed those charges.

Rodriguez was arrested on May 18.  She gave birth to a little girl on May 19 at University Medical Center.  While she was at UMC, she was still technically in the custody of the Lubbock County Detention Center.

Among the many concerns CPS raised, court records said, “Ms. Rodriguez has a 1-year-[old] child who was severely burned, and she has been charged with this injury.”

“Stephanie [Rodriguez] stated she has 10 children in total and that five of them have been previously adopted…” court records said. 

Three children were with a family member.  One was with the father.  The newborn was in neonatal intensive care.

“She stated she does not know who the father of the baby is,” court records said.

In a 2017 CPS case, Rodriguez admitted that if she were tested for drugs, she would test positive for marijuana and cocaine.

A judge granted the CPS request and CPS has temporary conservatorship of the newborn.

Jail records on Wednesday said Rodriguez was held on bonds totaling $26,500.