LUBBOCK, Texas — The trial of Malcom Dixon, who was accused of aggravated assault of a 14-month-old baby girl in Lubbock, began on Tuesday with opening statements from prosecutors and defense attorneys. The first day of testimony started on Wednesday.

In opening statements, prosecutor Greg Jerman called the events of September 11, 2020, a “crime of extreme violence committed against one of the most vulnerable, innocent victims imaginable.” The state said Dixon told the baby’s mother that she hit her head after falling off a futon. Jerman said medical experts saw inconsistences with Dixon’s story, which was “changing nonstop.” The baby girl survived her injuries, but “only half of her brain” was functioning, the state said.

The defense team, however, painted a different story for the jury.

Image of Malcom Dixon from Lubbock Co. Detention Center

Defense attorney Chris Wanner said the jury would hear the reasons Dixon “lied,” and that Dixon was concerned about being a “Black male living with two white women in Lubbock.” Wanner said when Dixon was 4 years old, his father went to prison and died while incarcerated after he was accused of injuring a child.

The defense team said there were several reasons for the severity of the victim’s injuries, stating the baby was born with a skull deformity. Wanner told the jury that Dixon was dancing with the kids when “something happened, and the baby fell and hit her head.” Wanner hinted that the incident was “more of a negligence issue,” rather than a criminal act.

The trial was set to continue on Thursday. will continue to follow developments.