LUBBOCK, Texas — With the New Year brings a list of New Year’s Resolution and staying fit is always high on that list, but how many stick to it? Crunch Fitness General Manager Tyler Gress says the key is to just take the first step.

“That new 2022 switching to 2023 it always gives us all the opportunity to take a time out and look at what we have done in the previous years, to restart maybe some better habits than what we had in the previous year,” Gress said.

It only takes 21 days to create a new habit, and Gress says when you walk in Crunch you will see a variety of ages, and fitness levels

The key is finding what works for you, whether it’s losing body fat or gaining muscles with the overall goal of being healthy.

“Really stay consistent early on it really helps you for the longevity,” Gress said. “Be gentle on yourself give yourself some grace, get a buddy somebody who can help hold you accountable and also make it more enjoyable.”

Legene Brooks has been a member for the last three years mastering the art of consistency.

“I’ve been running 500 miles a year for the last 10 years,” Brooks said. “When the pandemic happened, I was going to Texas Tech Rec Center, but then I came to Crunch because it was always open. It’s a good place to work out and I love working out.”  

Gress says don’t be scared make the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

“Three or four months after you start, you will look back and be really grateful that you did,” Gress said.

Crunch Fitness is offering less than a dollar to sign up memberships for the New Year.