LUBBOCK, Texas — Darius Johnson, 18, was brought back to Lubbock on Thursday from the Falls County Jail to face a murder charge. A warrant made available to on Monday provided new information into the case against him.

On June 5, which was Johnson’s birthday, police responded to a shooting in the 1700 block of 25th Street. Officers found a gunshot victim identified as Steven Colón, 39. Colón later died at University Medical Center.

“Surveillance video recordings were obtained, and witnesses were located,” the warrant said.

“A review of the video shows a Hispanic male and two (2) black males arrive in a white Mercury Grand Marquis,” the warrant said. “A verbal altercation ensues with Steven [Colón] and the driver.”

A witness saw a black man with a red cap and green shirt in the back seat of the car.

“Another witness stated the back seat passenger in the red hat pulled the gun up and shot it 3 times towards Steven,” the warrant said. “The witness described the gun as big gun with a ‘long stick’ sticking out the bottom.”

Darius Johnson Jr.
(Image via Lubbock Police Department)

Police later found the Grand Marquis which then led them to someone who knew Johnson only by his nickname, D5. This witness told police D5 went to Rosa’s the same day as the murder to get a birthday cake.

Surveillance video from Rosa’s a few hours before the shooting showed a young man in red cap and green shirt. A screen capture of the video was then released to Lubbock-area media including That led to Crime Line tips and the name Darius Johnson.

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According to Colón’s father, the dispute before the shooting was an argument over a motorbike the shooter believed Colón had.

“My son had fixed his car several times,” Colón’s father said on June 14. “[His attacker] was the one instigating the issue, and you have these other two that got out of the car and started doing some funny stuff.”

“We’re assuming that’s what escalated the things,” Colón’s father said. “They want to solve everything with arms and guns. It’s unbelievable the world we’re living in right now — a senseless, senseless murder that should not have happened.”

Johnson remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Monday on a $500,000 bond.