LUBBOCK, Texas– Benjamin Ray Mitchell was sentenced to 60 years in prison after pleading guilty to Failure to Stop and Render Aid. He could face the possibility of parole after 30 years behind bars. 

During his time in court Monday, a judge had harsh criticism for Mitchell, calling him “a dangerous person” and saying, “There’s a place for dangerous people.”

In 2020, Mitchell was arrested in connection with a fatal motorcycle crash that killed 40-year-old Anthony Childers and 31-year-old Barbara Mitchell.

The crash occurred it the 4600 block of Avenue Q.

State District Judge McClendon said though Mitchell didn’t “didn’t intend to take those lives,” he had “no margin for error.”

McClendon reminded Mitchell he had just been released from prison when his criminal behavior started again.  McClendon mentioned Mitchell leading police on a chase with children and drugs in the car.

Then, as for the deadly crash on Avenue Q, McClendon said, “You were going over 100 mph down Avenue Q after bar hopping.”

“Going that fast down Avenue Q shows you have no respect for authority or human life,” the judge told Mitchell.  

“You’re not going to run anymore,” McClendon told Mitchell. “Now you face the consequences, and the consequences are dire. I can tell you right now. You have no fear of that place [prison].”

“You lose the right to live in our society,” McClendon said. “Or at least, you go away for a long, long time.”

Mitchell was arrested in Michigan. He was wanted prior to the crash by US Marshalls for violation parole and a charge of sexual assault of a child.

In addition to the judge’s harsh comments, David Calvillo, the bestfriend and brother of Childers told Mitchell he brought “so much pain” in their hearts. Calvillo said Mitchell’s lack of responsibility ended up “leading to HUGE consequence suffered by [the victims’] loved ones.”