LUBBOCK, Texas — Lauves Pediatric Prescribed Extended Care Center (PPECC) will celebrate its grand opening on Friday evening, a staff member told KLBK New on Thursday,

Lauves PPECC is the first of its kind to open in the Hub City, the care center shared.

“This has not been a service available to these special needs kids and I think that the parents, when they come through and see what we have to offer, that they’re going to be really excited [to] have an extra place for their nursing care,” said Stephanie Holfus, Director of Nursing at Lauves PPECC.

The care center said it serves medically fragile children and young adults from birth until they are 20 years old. Services are free and specifically tailored to helping people with special needs grow.

“We meet them where they are developmentally and our goals are going to be specific to really what their doctor believes that they can get to,” Holfus explained. “We continue their therapy services and we try to get them to more independence with their daily activities.”

With the capacity for 56 patients, Holfus said she has seen the benefits of a care center like this while watching her very first patient achieve new milestones.

“She came to us in May pretty nonverbal [and] not able to use her entire left side of her body,” Holfus began. “Now she is walking in her gate trainer, which is like a walker. She’s standing up in her stander. She’s grasping for things. She’s saying things. She’s using her signs. It’s been amazing to see what happens in six months.”

Transportation and education-related services also come at no cost to families.

“What this means for parents is that they have some freedom. It’s nice. I mean, now they can go back to work if they want to. They can go back to school. We are a service that is provided Monday through Friday. They can drop them off. We can pick them up. They can go do all these things that weren’t an option in the past,” Holfus said.

The grand opening will be held on Friday, Dec. 16 from 4:30 P.M. until 6:30 P.M. at 14 Briercroft Office Park. Families can walk through the facility, ask questions and even visit with Santa Clause.

You can learn more about Lauves PPECC here.