LUBBOCK, Texas — The family of a Lubbock man sued the Muscle Mayhem car club and three men who were arrested recently for racing.

Police previously said Howard Wright, 69, lost his life in a crash in the 7500 block of Slide Road.

The lawsuit on Friday said, “On or about February 24, 2020, three members of Muscle Mayhem were illegally racing on Slide Road.”

Images of Xavier Montalvo, Luis Salinas and Anthony Martin from Lubbock Co. Detention Center

The lawsuit, filed by Wright’s family, claimed that Muscle Mayhem posts information on the Internet to recruit new members and promote illegal street racing in Lubbock.

“During this street race, Defendants’ vehicles reached speeds 50 miles per hour above the posted speed limit.”

The lawsuit said Wright stopped for a stop sign at 75th Street and Slide Road. As he pulled forward and tried to turn left, his vehicle was struck by Xavier Montalvo’s car, according to the lawsuit.

“The collision was violent and severe. It caused significant personal injuries to Howard
Wright, resulting in his death,” the lawsuit said.

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“Prior to his death, Howard Wright sustained significant personal injuries, medical liabilities, pain, suffering and mental anguish. Howard Wright’s fatal injuries were caused by Defendants’ negligence …”

Montalvo was racing with other vehicles, according to the lawsuit, driven by Luis Salinas and Anthony Martin. All three were later charged with racing on a highway causing death.

As of Sunday, Montalvo and Martin remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center. Martin, who was held in lieu of a $100,000 bond, was no longer in the jail as of Sunday.

The lawsuit said, “Muscle Mayhem continuously promoted street racing amongst its members, knowing the risks involved in street racing.”

“The street racing culture of Defendant Muscle Mayhem’s members created an unreasonable interference with public safety and peace,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit went so far as to call Muscle Mayhem a “criminal street gang” that engages in organized crime.

The lawsuit does not seek a specific amount of money, “but would instead rely upon the collective wisdom of the jury to determine an amount.”

The car club has not yet told its side of the story in court records.

The Wright family is represented by attorney Ted Liggett and the Liggett law firm. We hope to follow up with more on this story on Monday.