Death threats backfire in EZ Mart robbery, clerk too scared to hand over cash

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report obtained by provided details on the armed robbery of an EZ Mart location. 

At approximately 4:13 a.m. on February 24, Lubbock Police responded to the EZ Mart, 7402, Quaker Avenue.

The victim, a cashier at EZ Mart, said a suspect entered and asked a question about some drinks, so the victim followed him to the back of the store, the police report said.

The victim said he and the suspect returned to the front counter where the suspect asked the victim if he had any money, which confused the victim, the police report said.

“He needed to [have money] unless he didn’t want to see what was going to happen,” the police report said.

The victim said the suspect pulled a knife out of his pocket and pointed it at the victim.

The suspect said “open the register or you’re going to get hurt,” and “do you want to get killed?” the police report said. Because of the stress, the victim said he could not get the cash register open, according to the police report.

The victim said the suspect threatened to kill him, the police report said. Ultimately, the robber was unable to get any money. 

David Chambliss, 59, was not mentioned in the EZ Mart police report, but was instead charged with bank robbery for an incident that happened later that day at Bank of America, 5144 82nd. 

In the bank robbery police report, an officer wrote, “I observed a photo of [Chambliss] and recognized him as the suspect from the Robbery at EZ Mart the night before.” The bank robbery police report mentioned the EZ Mart police report number – tying the two reports together. 

As of Monday, Chambliss was charged for bank robbery but not the EZ Mart robbery.

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