Department of Justice sues Texas of new abortion law

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LUBBOCK, Texas — It’s been just over a week since Texas’s new abortion bill, Senate Bill 8 became law.
The new law bars any abortions from happening in Texas after six weeks of pregnancy.

“No state has ever gone so far in denying so many women their right to access an abortion safely,” said Sarah Wheat, a representative for Planned Parenthood. “We have enormous concerns about this law and how extreme it is.”

The Department of Justice stepped in Thursday and announced they are filing a lawsuit against the State of Texas over SB 8.

“We were very heartened today to see the U.S. Department of Justice take this so seriously and step in to file this suit,” said Wheat.

The lawsuit looks to declare the law invalid under both the Supremacy Clause and the 14 Amendment and hopes to stop the implementation and enforcement of the law.

“This ban and any type of ban on abortion–it doesn’t make the need for abortion go away. So, patients will seek abortions,” said Wheat.

June was the last time an abortion was performed in Lubbock due to the city’s own ban on abortions, but now some women who are seeking an abortion in Lubbock are being referred to out-of-state clinics due to this new law.

“Patients are still reaching out. They are still seeking an abortion. The question is whether they can access that abortion safely, in a health care setting and if not where they may have to go and whether they will be able to get there,” said Wheat.

But for now, Planned Parenthood said their doors are still open.

“Our commitment has been making sure they can access abortions safely in a medical setting,” said Wheat.
Planned Parenthood has also filed two lawsuits against this bill–one in the state and one in the federal court. Planned Parenthood does provide wellness exams, birth control, and cancer screenings in addition to abortions.

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