LUBBOCK, Texas — Citibus announced that they received a $39.6 million dollar grant on Wednesday to buy hybrid electric buses.

Citibus will use the grant money given to them by the FTA to purchase 48 new buses. Lubbock was also one of five locations in Texas to receive this grant.

“This is something we desperately needed, we’ve been in a in a really tough situation, when it comes to buses, we’ve gotten a few new ones here and there, over the last probably six, six years or so. But we’ve got a big part of our fleet that’s 20 to 22 years old,” Chris Mandrell, general manager of Citibus said.

Mandrell said this is a more environmentally friendly approach.

“The hybrid electric buses, it’s kind of a stepping stone between a regular diesel bus and a fully electric bus. It has a it has batteries on the bus, and it has a diesel engine on it,” Mandrell said.

Angela Lethridge has been with Citibus for over 5 years and said she loves the buses she drives but cant wait to have something new.

“It wouldn’t be wasted money, to get a grant for new hybrid buses. It’s not wasted. I’m guaranteeing you that we will drive them and we do need them,” Lethridge said.

Lethridge also said how there will be a big difference between the mostly gas buses to the new hybrid electric ones.

“You don’t hear all the little noise around you, you can concentrate more on driving and and have a safe ride for the passengers, we don’t have to worry about different little cracks and stuff falling off the bus,” Lethridge said.

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