Despite differing opinions on ordinance, Tech Terrace residents maintain sense of community

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LUBBOCK, Texas — In Tech Terrace, a Lubbock neighborhood near Texas Tech, campaign signs for the upcoming vote on an ordinance that would make Lubbock a Sanctuary City for the Unborn was posted outside the majority of homes.

The sanctuary city ordinance would outlaw abortion within Lubbock, and it is a controversial topic for many.

Signs are supporting both sides of the vote, and residents like Lisa Hudson and Shannon Cannings explained why they feel so strongly about the issue.

“I’m for life because I just believe babies, whether in the womb or out of the womb, are the most innocent and valuable commodity and that we should protect them at all cost,” said Hudson.

Voices are speaking up on both sides of the debate.

“[My sign] is out because first and foremost, I will always support women’s health and women’s access to healthcare. In all of its forms,” said Cannings.

While there are strong opinions on both sides, homeowners don’t allow their differences to prevent a sense of community. The opposing perspectives are encouraged and have not led to tension between the households, Hudson said.

“Politically diverse… politically collected. We all have some extreme ideas, some on either side, some not-so-extreme on either side, so we may find somewhere in the middle. We do have differing ideas on what for sure,” said Hudson.

Whether they are for or against the ordinance, residents were encouraged to keep their diverse opinions–no matter what the results of the election are.

“It is a respected rivalry. On this street, we allow for differences, and we’re not shy about voicing those options,” said Cannings.

Political signs are often put up during any election, residents said, and both sides are almost equally represented. But many say it is important to remain respectful to others’ points of view.

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