LUBBOCK, Texas — Diesel prices remained high all throughout the United States, and in West Texas it’s still a hot commodity.

In Lubbock, diesel would cost you more than $4 per gallon as of Thursday afternoon.

“Filling up these trucks is not cheap, its almost $500 each time,” truck driver Israel Guerrero said.

Dr. Michael Noel, Professor of Economics at Texas Tech University, told the big factor for this is the ongoing war in Ukraine and is 50 percent higher in September 2022 than it was a year ago.

“High diesel prices are bad for farmers, bad for truckers, bad for business, and bad for consumers. Not bad for oil producers,” Dr. Noel, said.

The big question is when diesel prices will go down. Guerrero said it would be soon.

“It depends on how cold the winter is going to be… because you need more diesel to heat homes that use diesel or heating oil to heat homes.” Dr. Noel said.

The average price for diesel in Texas was at $4.63 as of Thursday.

“I mean these trucks really take care of America right now honestly, truckers well we run kind of run the country right now,” Guerrero said.