LUBBOCK, Texas– The Lubbock Police Department investigated more than 300 vehicle burglaries from the start of the year to mid-March, according to a crime analysis report obtained by While that number might seem high to some residents, it actually represents an overall reduction over the last five years. The report data from 2019 to the early portion of 2023.

The data showed 2019 was the highest in the last five years with 2,313 vehicle burglaries. The year 2020 had a little over 1,600 while 2022 had 1,881 burglaries. However, the reported number of burglaries had a dramatic decrease in 2021 with less than a thousand.

According to the crime analysis report, the most vehicle burglaries took place between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

The city of Lubbock has more 40,000 college students and the majority of vehicle burglaries happen at college housing areas, according to Brady Cross, Lieutenant for LPD.

“It’s no secret that Lubbock is a college town and we have at least 40,000 students and Lubbock because they’re going into school here at colleges or universities,” Lieutenant Cross said. “And so, what we see year after year is a specific area of where those housing complexes are for college students. [The area] is being victimized by vehicle burglars.”

The report also said the most common method entry was broke glass, which LPD described as a broad category that basically means the vehicle owner did not know what tools or objects were used. There have been a total of 2,656 cars broken in to using this method over a four year time period. The second most used method was the car was unlocked. That method was used 2,259 times over a five year time period.

The crime analysis also said over 1,668 guns were stolen in vehicle burglaries from 2019 – 2023. March 2022 took the lead with with the most firearms stolen in a single month with more than 90. February 2023 was second with over 80 firearms stolen.

“[LPD] you know, of course, supports people’s right to be armed and have guns. But it won’t do you any good in your car, especially if you’re not in your car.” Cross said. “We’d like to see folks here in Lubbock remember to take their [guns] out of their vehicle. Most importantly, because we don’t want to see it in a vehicle burglars hands.”