Digging in your yard? Call 811 first

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LUBBOCK, Texas — As part of National Safe digging Month residents in Lubbock are urged to call 811 before they perform any digging in their yard.

“It’s all about safety, we want everyone to be safe,” said, Ed Espinoza, spokesperson for Atmos Energy, “Too many times we don’t know what is below ground.”

Espinoza said there are millions of pipeline and wire underground that we don’t typically see. He said digging without calling 811 could cause injury, among other things.

“You may cause damage to a waterline, a sewer line, or to a gas line, so number one that causes interruption to customers in that area,” said Espinoza, “You can possibly pay a fine or pay damages caused to those utilities.”

Once a call is made to 811, all the utility companies in the area are contacted.

“Those utility companies will send people out to locate and to mark those lines below ground either with spray paint,” said Espinoza.

Matt Rose, spokesperson with LP&L said it’s best to be cognizant of where trees are planted as well, because that can cause issues down the road.

“You don’t want to plant a tree that when it becomes mature, is going to come [within] 10 feet of an overhead electrical line,” said Rose, “Just having a brief force contact can break that line, now you have a situation where you and your neighbors are out of power until lines can be restored.”

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