LUBBOCK, Texas – Twelve sex offenders are now off the streets and in custody after the Lubbock Police Department conducted a month-long, multi-agency investigation.

The investigation called ‘Operation Lubbock Tornado,’ started July 5th, and ended August 4th. The purpose of the investigation is to make sure all registered sex offenders in Lubbock County are complying and following the rules they need to.

In total, 466 addresses were investigated, and of those, twelve were arrested. Lt. Brady Cross with LPD said that’s an overwhelmingly good number and low percentage.

He explained, “It just goes to show that the officers here at the Lubbock Police Department, Sheriff’s Office and our federal partners, do everything we can to make sure that the offenders in our area are following the rules and doing what they need to be doing.”

(Photos courtesy of the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office)

He said they look out for the offender’s locations, making sure they’re at the addresses they’ve reported, or re-offenses. “We’re looking for all kinds of violations,” he added.

LPD and these other agencies are aware of the community’s concerns, which is exactly why they hold these investigations as a high priority. Lt. Cross said they typically happen annually but will be conducted as much as needed.

”It holds people accountable. I mean, these folks register, and they have to follow a lot of guidelines and rules. And this is just another way we hold them accountable. It’s unexpected, they’re not notified. And so I think people should take a lot of comfort in knowing that we’re out there doing more than more just the basics of what’s required of us,” he explained.

For more information on registered sex offenders in the area, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website to find a detailed map on their locations, or call (512)424-2800.