LUBBOCK, Texas — Monday night’s shooting at a Lubbock County game room left businesses in the area shaken up, but they said it’s not uncommon. We spoke with a worker who asked to remain anonymous as he explained what he saw. 

“I came outside and I kind of looked around and a guy came around the side of my building, I asked him what was going on and he yelled some curse words at me and took off running,” the witness said. 

The witness said the gunshots sent people running from the game room, he even spotted the owner who he had seen before, taking off with the money.

“There were people scattering out of the building, kind of looking like cockroaches leaving a place, people getting in cars, people leaving,” the Witness said. “I started hearing people say, you know, somebody’s been shot.”

The witness said he had seen officers trying to get into the building, but the owner locked all doors, while one of the victims shot was inside. 

The witness said this was the last straw for the business. A year ago, they discovered bullet holes in the walls of their building and equipment from a separate shooting.

“These game rooms just are disasters, they just cause trouble, it’s been nothing but people walking around at all types of times at night, you know, they’re open 24 hours a day,” the Witness said. “Everybody’s stuff’s getting rummaged through, you don’t feel safe leaving anything here.”

The witness recalled what went through his head when he heard the gunshot.

“Honestly, my wife is, you know, 6-7 months pregnant and so it kind of terrified me,” the witness said. “If they were to keep shooting or If I did go over there and not know what was going on, you know my son might have not known his dad.”