LUBBOCK, Texas — The sister of 11-year-old Bruce Johnson, Jr., who was stabbed to death in Hobbs, says dozens of reports to police weren’t enough to save his life.

Mary Johnson was charged with the murder of her son and remains hospitalized at UMC.

Police said she stabbed herself herself after stabbing “Buddy,” as he was called by family, multiple times.

Her daughter, Mishelle Curry-Wilson, said she and several others called law enforcement in both Oklahoma and New Mexico to report concerns of abuse and violence.

The family lived in Oklahoma for many years before moving to Hobbs a few months ago.

Curry-Wilson says because of the way laws are written, law enforcement’s hands were tied.

They could only watch and wait and hope they got there in time.

“I mentioned on that phone call, on the dispatch call that I was concerned about my brother,” said Curry-Wilson. “And everything was okay, apparently. But that was June 4, a little over a month before this even happened.”

Now, Curry-Wilson and other family members are writing to lawmakers to find a way to change the laws so another family never has to endure what they are going through.